Monday, 20 August 2012

I made clay pots

Mum got me some air drying clay last week and I decided to make some pots.

I made a sausage style pot first. To do this I rolled out sausage shapes of clay. The first sausage I made into a coil and it was the bottom. Then the other sausages made the wall of the pot put together. Another coil made a the lid and I put a lump on top for a handle.

Then mum showed me how to make a pot by pushing thumbs into a ball of clay. That's really good fun and even quicker than the sausage pot. I tried loads of times until I got it right. My first one became a star shape and my second one had six edges. I decorated the six sided one with dots.

With the rest of the clay I made pencil holders. One looked like a skull and I made it look more like one. The other is an alien.

It is meant to take 24 hours to dry air clay but it took 4 days for them to be properly dry. Then I painted two of them. I painted the skull purple because it's a gift for mum for her desk and purple is her favourite colour. The sausage pot is multi coloured and I'm going to put my special things in it.

Have you made clay pots?
Can I see pictures of them?

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