Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fruit Shoot Smencils

We opened a very fruity smelling package that came through the door today; we didn't know what it was until we saw the words Doodle while you drink with the Robinsons® Fruit Shoot Smencils ®.

They are smelly pencils which are environmentally friendly and made out of recycled paper; they are called Smencils ®.

These Smencils have been created with Robinsons® Fruit Shoots™ in their drink flavours:
- Tropical
- Orange
- Apple
- Summer Fruits
- Blackcurrant & Apple

They smell just like fruit shoot drinks and it's really cool to open up the plastic case they each come in and smell the pencil when you write. The leaflet with the Smencils says they will stay scented in their biodegradable tubes for two years.

I think these would be great for birthday party bags and perhaps in stockings at Christmas.

We were lucky and were sent the starter set of five fruit shoot Smencils to review. If you'd like to win your own set then enter the Facebook competition before Friday 7th September 2012.

Here are some photos of the Smencils and me smelling them - my face shows how much I like them.

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