Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Rachel

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My dearest Rachel
Happy sixth birthday.  

Where have six years gone? It only seems like yesterday that you were completely dependent on me; and now you're full of independence and exploration of the world, eager to be released in short bursts.  

I remember how you gazed into my eyes and there was nothing else in the world that mattered; you do that to me still, every morning and night and often in between.

I never knew what motherhood would be, had no idea at all.  It's harder than I thought, in energy, emotions and patience; but it's also fulfilling and energising in a way I never expected.

As much as six years seems so impossible to have passed, I'm also unable to recall what my life was like without you.  You have changed my life; brought more light, love and joy into it.

I love you my baby, more than I can ever explain with words.  More than one hundred, thousand, million duckeys; plus another two thousand one hundred and ninety.

Happy Birthday baby girl.

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Ross said...

They do grow up faster than we know it don't they! My oldest is seven now and it seems like just yesterday she was 19 months when we brought her home!