Sunday, 14 August 2011

one million wasps per square mile

Did you know this fascinating fact?

There are approximately one million wasps per square mile.

That puts the odd wasp in the garden or around the picnic into proportion, they are not out to get us. Now I just need Mike and his mum to understand that. Whenever they see a wasp, even twenty metres away, even if it's not really a wasp, they freak out. That means they jump up and try and move away and start flapping and generally acting crazy. What does this do? It tends to make everyone around them more anxious and I'm sure it attracts the wasp's attention.

But if this fascinating fact is true, then gardens and parks and everywhere else are teaming with wasps which are going about their ordinary business of eating bugs, pollinating plants and raising young. Far from making me more worried about wasps, this fact tells me how important wasps are for our environment and how little they are interested in us.

Now I just have to try and get Mike to understand.

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