Tuesday, 9 August 2011

One tent, two girls, one mum ....

On Sunday afternoon we put up the tent in the garden.  It was partly a practice before Greenbelt but mostly an excuse to lark around in a tent.  I resisted Rachel's demands to sleep in it that night but said we 'might' on Monday.

Then on Monday morning I uttered these words to Rachel:
"would xx like to sleep over tonight, perhaps you could sleep in the tent?"

And (un)surprisingly she and xx loved the idea and suddenly I was faced with ...

1 tent
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2 girls
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17 soft toys
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1 bout of Mike laughing hysterically
1 headache
1 very large dose of regret at suggesting it and
1 night ahead of me trying to sleep.

The evening started well with setting out the camping mats, sleeping bags, torches, drinks, midnight feast provisions, extra blankets, pillows and soft toys.  

I convinced the girls that we should all head to the sleeping bags about 830pm.  This was followed by singing, dancing, playing games, whispering and getting used to the darkness.  At around 930 I strongly suggested that their plan for a stay-awake wouldn't work and they settled down; I guess they were asleep by about 10pm.

I awoke once it was light and felt pretty awake, but without a watch or clock or phone I had no idea what the time was.  It wasn't until I heard the shower that I realised it was at least 7am.  Imagine my shock and surprise!  

I ventured out of the tent, chatted to Mike, got my phone and got back to the tent expecting some movement; but ....
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They slept on until Sid started exploring the tent at almost 8am.

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I think you could say that my fears were very much unfounded.
One tent
Two girls
One mum
And a sleepover
Equals a pretty fab time.
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