Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Finding Nemo Review

This is a two person review, by Emma (mum) and Rachel (5). We think it should be pretty obvious which section is written by whom, if not then have a guess and let me know what you think.

It's 2003 and my favourite animated film has been released. We saw it at the cinema twice, we owned it on DVD as soon as it was released and we now have it on Blu-Ray as well. It is none other than the fabulous Finding Nemo.

Directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich
Costing $94M
Grossing $868M
100 minutes long
Winner of the Best Animated Feature Academy Award.

On so many levels this film wins every accolade I can throw at it. It is heartbreaking, funny, touching, beautiful and has so much to say about relationships and life in general. I still watch Finding Nemo and forget that it's animated, it just feels so real, amazing! I always cry, I always laugh out loud and I am always sad when the film ends. Oh and is there ever going to be another? pleeeeease.

Finding Nemo is my favourite film. Nemo is so cute, I want to go to his school. It is sad that he doesn't have a mum, I don't like that bit. Nemo's dad is really cross a lot but still nice. I love the turtles and want to go swimming with them. I am going to be a vet and look after turtles. We had fish in a tank but they died, we didn't have a nemo.

If you haven't watched Finding Nemo I have only one thing to say: watch it, don't delay, don't hesitate, just watch it!!!

If you and your child love Finding Nemo then please share your opinions in the comments section, we look forward to reading them.

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