Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ratatouille Review

Ratatouille (by Rachel)

I like Ratatouille quite a bit but not as much as cars or tinkerbell.

Ratatouille is a little Rat.  He lives in Paris in France.  And he loves cooking.  He creeps into a kitchen and he gets told off for putting the wrong ingredients in the food.  But it was good.  The head chef was telling the chef off even though it wasn't the chefs fault.  The food was really good and people ate it. They all live happily ever after.

Please watch it, thankyou.
Good for like 3 years and up until adults, stop at mummy's age.

They should make Ratatouille2 with a rat restaurant serving rat food like cheese and cheese sandwiches.


Nina said...

Thank you for such a good review Rachel! I think my son would like to see this film, he is also 5. I will tell him all about it!

Emma Major said...

Thanks Nina, there are more to come, please follow to keep up with the reviews

susie said...

Great review Rachel, my son loves Ratatouille :)