Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue

Emma's review:
Tinkerbell comes back in this third instalment of her adventures.  This time she needs to be rescued from the human world where she is trapped by a little girl.  The girl is friendly and inquisitive, she wants to be tinkerbell's friend; but her father is a butterfly collector and would love to show off a fairy.

Tinkerbell shares fairy facts with the girl, including:
- favourite colour is green
- a fairy is born when a human baby laughs for the first time
- garden fairies help the grass grow
- animal fairies help injured animals
- light fairies make rainbows
- water fairies put dewdrops on spiderwebs
- fairies are responsible for changing the seasons
- fairies live in pixie hollow

The fairies obviously decide to 
rescue tinkerbell.  The tinkers make a boat and sail along the flooded road towards the human house.  This is a great adventure which I won't go into, it's not right to give all the plot away.

The thing is though, does tinkerbell want to leave the little girl she has become friends with?  Perhaps she can help her as well as help the fairies.

I think this is the best tinkerbell movie so far.  I think you need to have seen the first one to at least understand the characters a bit but I won't make it compulsory.

And, just to show my age, can I just say how magical the flying in front of big ben is, took me right back to the Peter pan books of my childhood.

Rating: 10/10

Rachel's review:
Tinkerbell gets caught in a human girl's fairy house.  She can't fly in the rain so is stuck but gets to live in the lovely house in the girl's house.  The girl was very friendly.  They made a journal about fairies together.  The girl wanted to make her dad believe in fairies but he didn't. 

Tinkerbells fairy friends tried to rescue her so they made boat.  There was a big waterfall so they had to turn the boat but they were ok and followed the trail of buttons.

I love this film best of all tinkerbells. It is good for 3 year olds and up to mummy age.

Rating: 10/10


Lauren said...

Wow thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for movies I won't mind watching along with my three year old. Sometimes those films just drive you nuts so a good one is hard to find!

New follower here!

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Emma Major said...

Hi Lauren - I know exactly what you mean, the Tinkerbell films appeal to me and Rachel, what better news is there!