Monday, 24 January 2011

Monsters Inc Review

It's 2001 and the first pixar film of the 21st century has arrived;
Monsters Inc.
Directed by Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich and David Silverman
Costing $115M
Grossing $525M
92 minutes long
Winner of the Best Original Song Academy Award.

This is the ONLY pixar film we didn't see at the cinema. I have no idea why except that I was working crazily long hours at the point in time, but even so it seems remarkable that we missed it. And if you think that's bad enough, we didn't see it until my brother lent us the DVD about 3 years ago. But on with the review.....

I love this film; love, love, love it and so does our 5 year old. Sully is a huge cuddly monster who needs to make children scream so that those screams can be collected to provide power for monster world. His side kick is Mike Wazowski, a small round green monster who thinks he is clever but tends to do crazy stuff.

Being not the most professionals monsters in the world Sully and Mike somehow let a little girl Boo back into monster land and the chaos ensues. there are chase scenes including the most amazing rollercoaster scene you've ever seen animated; there are love scenes that will move you to your core, and there are laughs a plenty.

I think the thing which most shocked us when we saw this film is how amazingly animated it was, you could almost feel every furry strand on Sully, it is truly spectacular. If you watch the film for nothing other than that it's worth it. Oh and watch it at least twice, you will laugh more, cry more and appreciate the animation even more the second time.

If anyone ever hears of a cinema screening Monsters Inc you have a duty to let me know, in the meantime the Blu-Ray is as close as I get.

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