Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tinkerbell and the lost treasure review

Made by Disney in 2009.
The second film about Tinkerbell.
Reviewed by Emma (aka mummy)

The first tinkerbell was all about how tinkerbell learned to be a fairy after her arrival in pixie hollow; this film is an adventure once she is settled in.

It is Autumn, the fairies are getting ready for changing the season with leaf colours and helping migrating birds.  Tinkerbell is tasked with a magic fall sceptre which will catch the blue moon light to create more fairy magic dust.  

But things go wrong, Tink accidentally breaks it!  She decides to mend it, after all she is a tinker.  But again things never go quite right and she needs the help of her friend Terence and the other fairies.  I'd hate to spoil the ending, but it's Disney so they may well all e d up living happily ever after.

It's a great film; less enchanting than the original but with much more adventure and excitement.  A must view for all tinkerbell fans.

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