Friday, 28 January 2011

Up Review

It's time for Mike's first review.

The main things I remember is an old kodga going up into the sky in his house attached to a million balloons. He is then in a land where he gets chased by talking dogs. It was good, I'd definitely watch it again.

And now for Rachel's views.

Up was good; it was about a man, an old man. This old man is a bit naughty because he wouldn't let the boy into his house. But then he is good because he helps the boy earn his badge. They fly in their house attached to balloons and land where there are talking dogs. The dogs are trying to get a big bird, the boy wants to keep the bird but the old man says "we can't, we can't." That's about it. Thankyou for listening. You should watch it, again from 3 years old to mummy's age.

And you might as well have my impression.
The first part of the film is so upsetting, to see a couple's life in pictures was heartwarming and heartbreaking. Pixar have amazingly conveyed the grief that someone feels when their partner dies after many years together. And then the grieving slowly eases and life starts having some purpose again; that is Up in a nutshell. Of course it's also beautiful and funny and the dogs were a big hit in our house; but for me it's the emotional connection which works so well.

I highly recommend it, but with a health warning, it can be upsetting and you might want to be aware of this when watching it with a young child.


A Modern Mother said...

I loved Up. I've been to the Pixar Studios in California and it is amazing how muchthought goes into these animated films. I met the person in charge of 3D and he was pointing all all of the subtle light changes in the life montage. These guys know their stuff!

Emma Major said...

They certainly do, I find it amazing the skill they have.