Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Happy Feet Two

This is the second film we've been asked to review by Warner Bros as a Blogger for the Tots100 Film Club and it comes with high expectations since Happy Feet is in our top 10 films ever.

We received the triple play set which includes the Blu-Ray disc, DVD and ultraviolet digital copy. I highly recommend these triple play discs since it means you can watch the films you love on your phone, tablet or computer wherever you are - ingenious.

Here is Rachel's review of the film:

The film is about Mumble (from Happy Feet) and his son Erik and how he gets lost from his mum when he wonders off. He went with his friends to a land with different penguins and a special flying penguin who was actually a puffin.

Mumble goes looking for Erik and finds him and brings him home but their mum is stuck with all the emperor penguins when the ice moves and they have no food. Erik and the other penguins all help get food for the emperor penguins and they all work together.

There are these crazy crill which are like prawns. They are called Bill and Will and they're really funny and silly.

I liked the film just a tiny bit less than the original happy feet but I still really like it. I give it 7/10 and so does mum.

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SusanKMann said...

Excellent review. We reviewed this one too. My post is up tomorrow. I loved the singing and dancing x