Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Lorax in 3D

Today Mike, Rachel and I were lucky enough to be invited to see a preview of Universal's new film The Lorax in 3D at The Odeon in Leicester Square. Entertainment started an hour before the actual film with face painting, Lorax style moustached photographs and lots of Lorax themed food including melon trees in edible grass. Here is Rachel's review of the film.

The Lorax is a magical furry animal who speaks for the trees. I had a Lorax face painted on my cheek.

At the beginning there is a boy called Ted who lives in a plastic town with false trees. He goes out of town to get a tree for the girl he really likes. He goes on his motorbike and goes a crazy wiggly windy steep path to get out of town. He meets a person called once-ler who lives in a funny crazy house which hits you with a boot when you ring the doorbell and has crazy robot hands and things.

The once-ler tells Ted how and when he met the Lorax and all about the trees and where they all went. It was once-ler who chopped them all down.

And then when Ted came back to town he met O'Hare who told him to go straight home and never leave town again. But he did and he kept going back to see Once-Ler who told him the rest of the story with the fish and bears and birds.

The Once-Ler took Ted's old grandfather snail and swapped it for a tree seed. Ted took the seed back to town and plants it where everyone can see it and everyone loves it. O'Hare tries to get the seed because he doesn't want trees to make clean air or make the place messy, but everyone disagrees with him.

At the end of the film lots of other trees start growing everywhere and the Lorax magically comes back down and Ted gets the girl he likes and all live happily ever after.

My favourite bit was the end when the Lorax comes back down and there are lots of trees and the animals come back.

Dad's best bit was Once-Ler's house kicking Ted. He also liked all the free food and the popcorn.

Mum's best bit was the bears and animals and all their funny ways, especially when they all slept in Once-Ler's home; I liked that too.

I loved the whole film and I give it 9/10. Mum gives it 8/10. Dad gives it 7/10 because he wants more funny bits.

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