Sunday, 1 April 2012

Yogi Bear

The Yogi Bear film is about a bear called Yogi and his friend Booboo who live in Jellystone Park. Their favourite thing to do is steal pic-a-mic baskets from the people who come to the park. They are friendly bears that talk and wear ties and Yogi wears a hat. They are really funny and I always do things that go wrong and are silly.

The film is about the park being closed down and Yogi and Booboo try and help the ranger save the park but it all goes wrong. When they know about the frog mouth turtle and that it will make everything ok, that's the best bit.

My favourite other bit is when Yogi has all the picnic benches attached to a truck and is towing them all through the park, that's really funny.

There wasn't anything I didn't like in the film but it was scary when they were in the glider. The baddy wasn't nice but that's ok because he didn't win.

The turtle has a really long tongue and that's really good to watch.

I think everybody would like the film. Mum and Dad weren't sure at the start because the voices were different from the cartoon they remember, but they laughed a lot and did like it.

10/10 for a very funny film

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