Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Museum of Electricity (by Emma)

The second free museum we went to in Christchurch today was the Southern Electricity Museum of Electricity.

We had no idea what to expect from this museum but again were thrilled with what we found. You walk in and straight away there are buttons to push and levers to turn and lights that flash and a tram to climb on. It's a child's paradise, big or small.

I found my highlight in the appliances through the ages displays, with old mobile phones, kitchen gadgets, TVs and record and cassette players. I loved it because it took me back to my childhood and because Rachel was completely bemused by all these strange looking things.

A TV with no remote?
A mobile phone the size of a brick?
A computer that needs a tape to start?
An iron you heat on the oven?

Mike was really impressed with the half hour demonstration by one of the members of staff. He did introductions with experiments to magnets, static electricity, motors, electricity generation and loads more besides. That alone was amazing and kept Rachel completely engaged.

It is amazing to see such a wealth of information available for free, if you're ever in the area for an afternoon please do pop in and give them your support.

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