Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists!

On Saturday I took mum and dad to the cinema to see The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists!. On Blue Peter I saw Barney go to the studios when they were making the film and he did a little bit of the film, that's why I wanted to see it.

The film is brilliant, really funny and clever and silly and with loads going on all the time. Mum and Dad laughed at bits I didn't know why but that's ok because they enjoyed it lots.

The main person is the Pirate Captain who isn't a very good pirate and is very nice. Then there's Darwin who goes from nasty to really good. The really bad person is Queen Victoria because she tries to eat rare animals and a dodo.

My favourite bit was the dodo when it was trying to fly. Dad liked the pirate ship and Mum liked the dodo.

Everyone should see The Pirates! I give it 11/10 :)

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