Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cars 2 review

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By Rachel
The film is about cars racing all around the world.  Lightning is trying to beat an Italian Formula One car in a world grand prix.  Mater is being himself, somewhere else, helping to save Lightning with some British Spies.

My favourite part was when Mater and the spies were stuck in Big Ben and the race was going round London.

I like this Cars2 film more than the first Cars film.

By Mike
I liked the scenes in Tokyo; the animation was amazing with all the lights.  

I think I like the original Cars movie more than this one, but it's a close run thing.

By Emma
I am a massive fan of the original Cars film, as anyone who reads the blog will know.  I've been hotly anticipating the release of the film and hoping that it would fulfil expectations.  

It certainly hasn't failed.  The animation is astoundingly beautiful, with details I'm sure I'll only truly appreciate by the dozenth watching of it.  The humour is even better than the original and the story captivating.

So where has the one point out of ten gone?
I'm sad to say that all the fantastic action sequences and spy plot has overtaken the relational aspects which I adored in Cars.  It didn't push my emotional buttons and that is a shame.

But that's the only downside.  
It is still fabulous.
A must see in 3D extravaganza of Pixar beauty.

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