Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer countdown blogging by dictation

This is a new experience the idea of dictating my blog via an app, it's definitely worth a try, after all it's better than nothing.  

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I'm using Dragon Dictate.
First impressions are it's easy to use, straight forward and miraculously it's actually capturing most of my words; pretty good.

Of course it doesn't feel quite right speaking out loud rather than typing and I wouldn't want to be doing this just anywhere, can you imagine the strange looks!  But if it allows me to blog whilst my hands are painful then it's fabulous.

So what's on my mind today? 
I'm mostly looking forward to the end of term, to the fact that school holidays are about to start and I will actually be able to spend time with Rachel, which is so hard to get into term times.

Of course this means that I'm frantically trying to get every meeting in, every piece of work done, everything ready for September and a few other things besides; but it's worth it because we are just six school days left. 

Countdown has begun!
Who else is looking forward to summer?

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