Saturday, 30 July 2011

The joy of reading

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Life has changed so much since Rachel has become a confident reader.  She is so much more content to have unplanned time.  She spends hours with her nose in books, any books.  She loves Roald Dahl and Beatrix Potter but anything will do.  

She hunts out factual books, leaflets and papers; anything that helps with her endless quest for knowledge.  (Its a relief to have her answer her own 'why' questions which started at 14months old.)  She'll even read instruction booklets if there's a new one around.

Right now she's reading an encyclopaedia of dinosaurs; I'm sure she'll be sharing all manner of facts with me through the day.

I have always loved to read, fiction books all the way; I consider myself a bookworm.  Mike could count the books he's ever read on his two hands, but he devours the Internet looking for news and information.

It's so fantastic to see Rachel able to experience joy and seek knowledge through reading; her life is now open to all that is ever written.  She can never again utter the awful words "I'm bored!"

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