Sunday, 24 July 2011

Family holidays

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Its only been six hours since we 
arrived down by the sea,
In that time we've chilled right out
and now we're having tea,

We emptied the car, unpacked bags
and sat down to relax,
Several lovely hours went by before
Rachel's demands on us did tax,

The great thing about being here
is we know just where to go,
So off we went along the coast
which put a stop to "no",

It's always tricky at the start
of our family holiday,
We adults want to sit and chill
and she just wants to play.

But within a day a balance of sorts
is achieved in some degree,
And we all settle down and start
to enjoy each others company.

This is the joy of family holidays
reconnecting with one another,
It's worth the tricky moments
for the love we share together.

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