Sunday, 31 July 2011

Emerging personality

I have been struck today by the ways in which Rachel's personality differs from my own.  I know that sounds obvious, but everyone who knows us is amazed how similar we are.  

And we are, mostly.
But in one main way we differ.
I am all about detail, I'm a completer finisher.  I set my mind on something and I don't deviate until I'm happy.

Rachel, on the other hand, is more creative.  She gets an idea and starts it, but will happily start another project if one pops into her mind.  In the end all have to be completed to her satisfaction, but she never shuts out new ideas.

I have tended to say she's "easily distracted".  But watching her in the forest today, collecting materials for a picture, or two (blog post to follow); I realise that she is always generating new thoughts.  More than that, she can hold and work on them all at one time.

Yes, she can appear to be easily distracted, but from now on I will comment on it positively.  

Rachel is "creative and imaginative".

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proof: this is a collage of a cabbage she made from seaweed yesterday whilst we were Crabbing 

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