Thursday, 14 July 2011

Party preparation panic

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It's been a few months since I decided to start my blog series on birthday party planning.  At that time Rachel's 6th birthday was a speck on the horizon, a hundred days away.  But now it's 50 hours to go and I hate to admit it but panic is setting in.

It could be that the cake request is the most ambitious yet.

It could be that there's 35 kids coming!

It could be that Mike's in New York until the last minute and so I feel very alone with the plans. Which makes no sense because he always has a negligible role, but who says panic has to make sense?

So here's the plan
1. Double check stuff I need is bought
2. Bake cake
3. Decorate cake
4. Draw plan of room and decorations
5. Write schedule of set up, party and clear away

I'll be back over the next two days with updates.

1 comment:

Karen said...

It will be fab and I'm sure Rachel will LOVE her party. What cake has she requested?