Friday, 6 May 2011

Flashback Friday - best company party ever

Today I've picked a photo which shows it's age by the clothes alone.  Purple velvet, there's something you don't see these days.  If I remember right this Christmas party was stuffed full of velvet and satin.

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The year is 1999; it's two weeks before Christmas and three weeks before the world is destroyed by the y2k bug; remember?

It was snowing, properly snowing with a blanket of White covering the ground.  Mikes work (Tibco) were taking us away to near Cheltenham (I think, relying on memory) for a night of banqueting and dancing.  They were putting us up in various hotels; ours was lovely; and it was all free.

There are just some of the reasons this was the best company party ever!

But why it stands out in my mind is because two of the couples we met through that job, and over that weekend, we are still friends with.  One of the wives is a fellow Jamie at home consultant; one lives in the village next to our flat and is the creator of my gorgeous cross.

What a flashback this Friday has been.


cafebebe said...

That's a lovely memory...and how lovely that you still have them in your lives! ;)


MOIxx said...

Happy memories! It is great when you really click with a new friend - lovely to be reminded of it.

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

How lovely that you were able to keep up such good friendships outof that work do! Great memories :)

Mari's World said...

Velvet adn satin - hope you hung onto that little lot it's bound to be back 'in' one day :)
Nice to hear they're still in your life