Sunday, 8 May 2011

What really makes us 'rich'

This article in the Daily Telegraph about there being 100 women in the rich list for the first time has got me thinking.

1. I don't think a mere 10% of the richest people in the women is much to celebrate; seriously, what a tiny proportion that is.

2. Why do women lag behind in the rich stakes? Does it say something about our drive to succeed, or perhaps about the gender gap or the glass ceiling, or maybe a lot of the money in the world is inherited through male heirs. I'm sure I could five out but I'm more interested in .....

3. What really makes us rich?

I used to run my own company, I used to be classified as 'successful' and I was well rewarded financially for this. Of course I enjoyed the trappings; the number of foreign trips, the invitations to posh meals, the disposable income, the opportunities to do whatever we fancied. I even enjoyed the work and the chasing of work and expanding contacts; it was fun.

But I never classified myself as 'rich'; and now, five years on, I certainly do.

Now we have less than half the income, less than 10% of the meals out, almost no foreign trips and we watch the pennies. But I am 'rich'. I value my family above all else; I have fabulous friends who I make time for; I love the simple things and I am happy.

So what do I think makes us 'rich'?
inner contentment, for me through my faith and it's outpouring through my life.


mum in meltdown said...

Too true, money really isn't everything although I know we would all want a little more. But some with extortionate amounts of money still aren't truely happy!

Sa said...

I can make you richer with chocolate lol??

thought you'd like to know about the chocolate competition running every day til end of the month

Karen said...

I consider myself all the richer because of my faith. Nothing at all compares to the treasures that gives me. Lovely post Emma.