Friday, 27 May 2011

Love of Lowry

I have always adored Lowry's work. I don't know where I first saw it, but Mum and Dad had a print of one of the pictures and I used to love looking at all the various elements. The people, the houses, the detail, the overall impression; the pictures are more like photographs than paintings.

Of course, being Surrey born and bred, I had never actually seen the places that Lowry captured in his paintings. Until I was 18 that is, when I went to Manchester for 3 years to study at the university. There I saw the world Lowry had painted before I was even born; the streets, the people, the communities. No where was this more real than arriving at, or leaving, the Manchester City Football Ground; Maine Road that is, not the all new Stadium.

This week Lowry's "The Football Match" sold for over £5.6M; a little out of my league. A fabulous picture which always reminds me of the crowds walking along the streets towards Maine Road, the masses of families and fans all making their way to see their team play on saturday afternoon.

I think that a trip to Manchester might be necessary, to relive those times again and to go to The Lowry to see the Lowry Exhibition.

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