Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jamie at Home really nice rice pot

I know that as a Jamie at Home Consultant I should love every item on sight, but let's not pretend that's always possible.  Besides which, I believe being sensible and rational about the products makes hosts more willing to trust me with their Friends!

But today I got to finally try out the really nice rice pot.  It sold out in super quick time at the start of the year and has finally come back into the country.  After all the hype I decided to spend some of my points and get one.  

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And the verdict: It's so easy; measure rice, wash and add to pot, measure water, add to pot, microwave.

And result, properly fluffy rice.
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I never thought I'd see anything so fluffy in my kitchen without coming out if a takeaway container.  What joy :)

If you don't have one of these and don't have the knack of rice, then get one now!

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