Saturday, 28 May 2011

Quotastic How to train your dragon

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Quotes to remember from the fantastic animated film "How to train your dragon" from the fabulous Scottish Vikings.

Other places have rats, mosquitos and mice as annoyances; we have dragons.

We could leave. 
But .... We are vikings, we have stubbornness issues.

Why can't you follow the simplest orders? 
I can't help it, I see a dragon and I just have to kill it.

I've never seen someone mess up that badly, it almost helped.

To Hiccup about Stoic: It's not what you look like, it's what's inside he can't stand.  I mean; stop trying to be something you're not.

We're Viking, death is an occupational hazard.

To Stoic about his son Hiccup: You can't stop him; you can only prepare him.

I'm a Viking, I'm a Viking, I can do this, I can do this.

We have a surplus of dragon fighting Vikings; but do we have enough bread making Vikings or small house repairs Vikings?

Stoic: I'll be back probably.
Hiccup: I'll be here maybe.

It's only fun if you get a scar.

You're small and weak, it'll make you less of a dragon target; they'll see you as sick and worthless.

When about to face his first dragon hiccup was asked what he needs first. Hiccup says "a doctor".

The book has nothing on Night Fury; is there a sequel? Or a pamphlet?

I'm ok... Less ok.

I'm proud to call you my son.

Turns out all we needed was .... you.

The food here is tough and tasteless, the people are even more so.  The only upside are the pets..... We have dragons.

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