Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tooth Fairy Film Review

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Written and Typed by Rachel
It is funny, weird and silly. I like it a lot. I saw it at the sinema at a birthday party the first time.  Mummy will say what happens in the film.  

Continued typed by Mummy
The tooth fairy is the name of a man who plays ice hockey.  
He doesn't believe in the tooth fairy.
He gets a summons to go and get punished for not believing.
He has to become a real tooth fairy for two weeks.
He looks like this when he's a tooth fairy.
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I like the fairy godmother best, she's lovely and funny.
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It is great for all kids.

And here is what Mike and I think.
We wanted to hate it, we knew we would.
We were thankful she went to see it as part of a birthday party and we weren't subjected to it.
We were tired and weak today and gave in to her desire to watch it.
We were shocked and surprised.  It is quite good.  Pretty funny.
Fluffy and silly and childish, yes; but good family viewing on a Sunday afternoon.

We give it 7/10.
But don't tell anyone we've watched it.

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