Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hot, hot, too hot

It was no surprise to read the weather statistics published today saying that April was the warmest since records began. That's the warmest April for at least 100 years, and as much as 350 years where records go that far back.

Just look at this, what a sun filled, bare armed site for April in the UK.

Never before have I spent most of April in sundresses, eaten so many meals outside or had to worry about suncream. We have had picnics, BBQs and generally lived a life no one can guarantee the British in the summer, let alone in April.

Of course there has been a downside.
And for us in Berkshire it's been forest fires.

I don't remember hearing of major forest fires in the UK before, certainly they've never broken out in our nearest forest in the 10 years we've lived here. But it's happened. Swinley Forest just outside Bracknell is on fire. It's better known to us as Bracknell Forest or The Look Out Forest; a fabulous place with walking and cycling trails to meet everyone's ability. But for 3 days now it's been on fire, requiring over 150 firemen and women to fight it. We can still see smoke billowing into the sky, it's closing roads and requiring evacuations.


I wonder if anyone will ever find a cause; and to be honest I am only guessing that it has been caused by the dryness and heat; after all it could just have easily been picnickers smoking, or a family BBQing. I just hope that it can be brought under control quickly for the sake of the forest and it's animals.

Who would ever have thought a Brit in May would say about April; it's hot, hot, too hot.

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