Monday, 2 May 2011

St Georges day meets May Day

Yes, it moved. Easter guzzumps Saints Days. Or perhaps more accurately; saints defer to Jesus. More here.

So today really is St Georges Day; happy St Georges Day.
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St George is the patron saint of England, I hope you knew that.  He was extremely important from Bede's time (1st century) through to the 15th century; but then the popularity tailed off.  Today we might expect lots of English flags of St George and perhaps the odd person wearing a red rose; but let's face it most people ignore it.  Perhaps with his day being moved to a bank holiday this year there'll be a resurgence.  I doubt it though.

Today might be St Georges day, but more than that it's May Day.  

Just hearing 'May Day' brings back memories of village fetes and country dancing.  I went to at least four may day fairs as a country dancer and loved it, such fun.  This photo captures my memories perfectly.

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And of course there's the may pole; the fabulously floaty dancing around a pole whilst holding coloured ribbon, winding a beautiful coloured pole.

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Whichever you celebrate, or perhaps none, have a fabulous bank holiday.

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