Sunday, 29 May 2011

Listography Finals

Reluctant house Dad is hosting this weeks listography, thanks Keith.  It's one i just cant resist; what are you five finals if the world ended tomorrow.  Here goes....

Final dinner
Tricky, really tricky.
But I think it has to be a really classy curry.  And I'd encourage splashing out with a range of dishes.

Poppadoms with mango chutney
Onion Bhaji
Vegetable Samosas
Chicken tikka massala
Rogan Josh
Chicken palak
Lamb balti
Pilau rice
Saag aloo
Garlic naan 
And a vat of mango lassi

Final words
don't fear

Final destination
Anywhere where there's a moon like this:
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And I can be with my favourite people in the world:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Final resting place
I guess that'd be "see the above"
And I should add that I see this "end" as a "start".

Final act of intimacy
a hug, a big one, with my afore mentioned favourite two people in the world.


Keith said...

That picture of the moon is amazing. Some of my favourite moments have just been to look up into the heavens and imagine. Great post. Thanks for coming on board.
Keith aka reluctant housedad

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm your final dinner makes me hungry! x