Friday, 6 May 2011

What's in our fridge?

I have been less than thrilled to have been tagged by the lovely Geekmummy to reveal what is in our fridge. Not because I don't have time. Not because I don't like being tagged. Not because I might find something alive at the back of the top shelf. But because our fridge is the key domain of food in our house, and holds addictive qualities for me, a recovering food addict and compulsive overeater.

But I have so enjoyed reading everyone else's posts that I have decided to put my fears behind me, photograph the fridge and write; the worst that can happen is that I become even more transparent in my personality flaws.

so here it is, our fridge

It was selected for it's beautiful matt silver effect frontage; but as you can see life has covered that up with reminders, poetry words, postcards, wordmakers, invitations and photos of Rachel. And I love it!

Open the door, peer inside and here's what you see

The guinea pigs Button and Fudge have more food in our fridge than we do. They have carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, apples and green beans.

We would usually have a 2 litre bottle of milk in the door, but Rachel has been drinking it constantly this week and it's all gone.

So what do we have?
Yoghurts; loads of yoghurts. We are completed addicted to them. Mike and I love the Muller Light ones; especially Banana and Custard, and Chocolate with Orange. Rachel on the other hand will eat anything, be it in a pot or a tube or a random strawberry shape; she prefers smooth youghurts to those with bits if given a choice.

Grapes. Rather a lot of grapes at the moment because I wrote them on the shopping list twice by accident and Mike bought two packs for each time I'd written it. Good job we call them "healthy fruit sweets" in this house.

Butter/Spread. We each prefer a different sort; and I need proper Anchor if I'm having crumpets, nothing else is good enough. Means we usually have 3 varities in the fridge.

Eggs. A staple in any fridge. Scrambled egg, boiled eggs, into bowls for cakes and biscuits and meringues. It's a bad day when our fridge runs out of eggs.

Pasta Sauces. Who could cope without pasta? we couldn't and so we need sauces; some I make and freeze or store in the fridge, some like pesto which I buy ready made (so shoot me!)

Bread. we don't usually keep bread in the fridge, I don't like the way it gets damp; but we had too much around after the in-laws left and needed to get the most life out of it as possible.

Cheese. A few types including plastic for burgers.

Sausages. These are left over from the BBQ planning, we always buy too much for any entertaining. They will become a lovely sausage casserole tomorrow.

Coleslaw. Also from the BBQ and being enjoyed with salads through the week.

Condiments. Tomato Sauce, Salad Cream, Mayonnaise, BBQ sauce - essentials.

And finally, there's mint sauce. we bought it to go with the lamb on easter day and it's been put in the fridge, waste not want not. The thing is though that I know no one will touch it until we decide it's taking up space and we bin it; the only question is - when will that be?

I hope you enjoyed perusing my fridge; I now tag @ESTWILL @Frankie_Parker @emmaraphael @cafebebe @babesabouttown @sarahj_nz @Maris_world to see what's inside theirs.


Frankie P said...

Thanks for the tag, but i have already done it. Good to see that the guinea pigs eat well x

Anonymous said...

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