Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Birthday Party Planning - guests

This is the fifth part of the series on Birthday Party Planning which started with the introduction. This post discusses the guest list.

Before you crease over with laughter please do not think that guests lists for kids are less fraught with dangers and social faux pas than those for a wedding. It's very important that all the right kids are invited; and that's not only defined by the children themselves, but also by their parents.

These are the rules of thumb we have always worked with:
- no more than 20 children can come to a party at home
- 35 is the drop dead limit for guests when room is no constraint, after that the party bags become too much
- always write down who you want to invite, it easily gets out of control otherwise

And as for who...
- any children that have invited Rachel to their party automatically get an invitation
- Rachel picks her 5 must have guests, and they are checked regularly in case her "social situation alters"
- nephews and godchildren are invited as well, luckily Rachel wouldn't exclude them for the world
- we have a reserve list, Rachel can never have too many people at her parties and so her guest lists go on forever. this is the perfect way of coping, there are always those who can't come for one reason or another

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