Friday, 24 June 2011

Today I'm one of THOSE mums

You know the mum I referring to!

That's me today.

I'm not proud of it.
I don't like myself like this.
But I'm tired.  I'm tiiiirreedddd.

Woken by a Furby at 2am - not funny!

Woken by Mike at 5am - "I'm stressing about work so I'm going in, I wanted you to know".  Hello! Note!

Woken by birds at 6am - annoying birds.  I should have known then I was going to be a moody mare; I love the sound of bird song normally, but not today.

Ok so maybe it's not all tiredness, maybe I'm just hormonal or something; but don't you dare suggest it!  Your best self preservation technique is to ply me with chocolate.

Or as Rachel knows, a hug, that always helps.  Unless we're in a rush in which case "not now Rachel".  Oh no, I really am not fit for motherhood today, where's the darkened room?

And typical of all typicals; it's sports day.  Go Rachel go Rachel.  I CAN do it, I CAN! 

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