Sunday, 19 June 2011

The gallery: dad

It's Fathers day, what further excuse do I need to talk about Mike.  Add into the mix a special The Gallery as well and..... bingo heres the post.

This is the most recent photo of Rachel and Mike, taken at lunch today.  Cuddles and chats and good times.
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But this is the photo from the last few years that I most adore.  It just captures their relationship of fun and climbing.  

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Mike has a very different relationship with Rachel than me; but I'm slowly learning that that's just perfect, that's why there are 2 parents in most families.  

Their bond is more rough and tumble and they fall out a lot more often; in fact they're more like siblings than anything and that'd make sense seeing as how they're both only children.  They can wind each other into hysteria, and just as quickly into meltdown.  But they love each other and I love seeing that.

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