Thursday, 23 June 2011

Handmade Thursday Amazement

I haven't been here before.
I've not been brave enough to share my crafting.
Truth be known I've only started making anything creative in the last few months.

It started with broaches
Then moved to scarves which I sell to friends and friends of friends
I've knitted animals if asked by Rachel

And today I took a leap into the unknown.
Thanks to Red Ted Art and her guest post by Mary I have attempted a whole new level of creation. The shabby chic heart.

I can't believe I managed it. With some help from Rachel - yes, really this is great for children who can do knots.

Here is the first, made out of an old scarf I had donated to Rachel's play box.
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And this is the second, made with satin rainbow material I had left over from Rachels party last year.
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I am thrilled with the results and will definitely be making more.

One hour later:
and here's the next one, an R for Rachel.
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missielizzie said...

Oooh I can feel a new addiction coming on, no?

I really enjoyed making mine, once the strips were cut it only took an hour in front of the telly. I saw a circular one today for sale in an arty-crafty shop for £8 (they are known there for their cheap prices because they charge no commission).

I feel a whole new career coming on!

I love yours - the rainbow one is beautiful, and your are much neater than mine! x

Jane said...

Lovely makes and the colours of the first one are gorgeous :)

WhiteLily said...

I adore this idea! The colours are amazing!