Friday, 17 June 2011

Swimming lesson lessons

Some kids take to swimming straight away; like ducks to water.  Rachel was like that before she was 6 months old, then something went wrong.  I don't know what; but she started to hate the water.

She got better in water when she could walk, but screamed at lessons so we gave it up as a bad job.  That may not have been the best idea but I didn't think it would be good to keep taking her into water when she was so distressed.

Through all this she loved going to the pool recreationally; so that's what we did.

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We tried lessons again when she was 3, but she was unable to get her arms and legs to do what they wanted.  She wasn't coordinated and that was ok, except she got cross with herself and didn't want to go anymore.  We stopped again.

At age 4 we did a course of one on one lessons which got her safe in the water and made her realise she could swim.  A breakthrough.  Now when we went swimming together she swam, properly, fantastic.

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When she started at school there were no slots for her to continue these lessons, so she stopped again.  I thought that might be it.  But she kept saying she wanted to swim better and do lessons like her friends.

So I jumped at the chance of getting into some new lessons that a friend recommended.  It had to be worth a try.  The company running these lessons is Prime Sports and they run swimming lessons at a number of pools in the Reading area.  

I wasn't sure Rachel would take to it, but she has excelled in just three lessons.  She likes the smaller classes, the more focussed style and the fact that there's always a coach in the water.  She feels safe.  

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In the first week she swam 5metres for the first time ever.  

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Since then she has swum it on her back (her preferred option) and also her front and even jumped into the pool, I never thought I'd see that.  She is confident and excited to swim.

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Why am I sharing this?
So that anyone else who has problems with finding the right swimming lesson for their child knows to keep persevering.  There's a swimming lesson out there somewhere that will fit.

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