Friday, 10 June 2011

Birthday Party Planning - Introduction

This is the first in a series of posts entitled Birthday Party Planning. I will take you through the planning of Rachel's 6th Birthday. This first post is an introduction.

I adore planning parties, which these days mostly means Rachel's birthday parties. Each year I've thrown her a party for her and her friends, and for me!
1st Birthday - Teddy Bears Picnic
2nd Birthday - Fifi party
3rd Birthday - Painting party
4th Birthday - Tinkerbell disco party
5th Birthday - Pottery painting and crafty party

From her 3rd birthday onwards I've allowed Rachel to choose her theme. Of course there was guidance and options the first couple of years, but last year she chose completely independently. This year she's taken the requests to a whole different level.

For her 6th Birthday Rachel has asked for a High School Musical 3 Party. She wants it in the church hall. She wants all her friends there. She wants it to be a disco but with games. She wants me to run it. She wants Pizza and Ice Cream. She wants a piano cake. She wants it to be before the summer holidays so that everyone can come. So that's my brief!

Over the coming weeks I'll be blogging about various items of party preparations, including:
party venues
invitation design
party games
guest list
party food
THE birthday cake
the final preparations
post party analysis

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LauraCYMFT said...

That sounds like a fun party! Hope the planning goes well. Visiting from Mellow Mummy's birthday carnival.