Thursday, 2 June 2011

Snakecatcher problems in Brockenhurst

I'm a positive sort of a girl.  I like to celebrate success and big people up.  Hence when I blog I only review things I like.  But today I will break new ground, needs must.  I've found a subject on which I must blog, here goes.

It's a pub.
A family pub, apparently.
In Brockenhurst in the new forest.
Family holiday destination and all that.

We walked in at 5.15pm looking to have a drink and order dinner when that started, we guessed about 6pm.

The place was nice, fairly busy but with a distinct lack of families.  We headed to the bar to ask for a menu.

They were NOT interested in serving us or even talking to us.  

Eventually, upon direct questioning they   told us there are no meals until 6.  No problem, we weren't starving, yet! 

Then came the punchline.
"Perhaps you'd prefer the more pub-by meals 100 yards down the road."

You've got to be kidding? 
You're a pub. 
We'd like to have the opportunity to see the menu.
No chance they were letting that happen.

So we turn from the bar to leave and another customer asks us if he heard us right.  He said they'd been told 530 for dinner orders and they'd been given menus.  

This lovely couple were obviously as taken aback as we were.  They allowed us to see their menus, which looked perfect for us. 

But nothing was keeping us there!

I had the distinct feeling they were dissuading us because they didn't want kids.  Not a good experience! 

Oh and it's worth saying that Rachel was standing beside us, good as gold and quiet as a mouse the whole time! 
She did not give them any cause for concern.

I always try to avoid snakes.
But now I know to...
Avoid the Snakecatcher in Brockenhurst like the plague!
You've been warned.

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