Thursday, 10 March 2011

Discovery retires

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Picture courtesy of BBC

Am I the only one who will miss Discovery? It is an image of space flight to me, takes me back to being Rachels age and sitting in a classroom watching a launch.

I appreciate it's engineering; the millions of man hours that have gone into it's design, production and maintenance. But mostly I love the excitement of new possibilities.

I hope something similar will spark Rachels imagination and awe at possibilities, but for today I will find clips of discovery launching and amaze her with that.

Happy Retirement Discovery, you brought space to us, thankyou.

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LoritheOverchiever said...

a)makes me very sad. I got to watch Discovery fly over my house in Texas when I was 7.
b)makes me feel very old. I mean, this was the height of our technology and it's being retired, and, oh by the way, this thing is younger than me!!