Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancakes and Biscuits

Today is pancake day, shrove tuesday to those of us who prefer to think of it as the day before the start of lent, but definitely pancake day.

We love pancakes in this house, we never have them at any other time, they are reserved for shrove tuesday. The other thing that is reserved for shrove tuesday is the discussion and decision about what we might give up for lent as we thin k about Jesus and his challenges in the wilderness.

So this morning Rachel and I were talking about what we would give up for lent.

Something we know we can actually manage (not chocolate),
something that means something (not cabbage),
something that would help us think about Jesus when we want to eat it.

And Rachel chose biscuits; not the easier option of crisps, but biscuits.
She even said "that will be hard at church but church is where Jesus definitely is so I think I will be OK."

I am going to join her, I have less faith that I'll be able to manage it, but I will try my absolute hardest and take my inspiration from the hope and faith of a child.

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