Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Free schools: creationism, science, RE and teachers.

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This article in The Guardian has caught my attention.  

The article is centred around the fact that creationism will not be allowed to be taught in free schools, that science is science based on facts including evolution. Fabulous, I agree.

Of course I would also like to see that free schools, in fact ALL schools teach religious education that covers the broad spectrum of beliefs in all world faiths. Surely our children need to be taught varying beliefs, practices and views to be able to understand and be tolerant.

But that aside, what worries me in the article is one little sentence hidden away:

Teachers working at free schools will also not need to have formal teaching qualifications

Pardon me? Are you kidding?  So these are state funded schools, that don't need qualified teachers? 

Now surely that should be the headline!

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LoritheOverchiever said...

The only thing you're forgetting is that there is an entire science based on creationism. Dozens of scientists have been researching the beginnings of life based upon intelligent design using standard scientific concepts. Being that that is science, shouldn't that be considered?

It is my belief that children should not be taught varied beliefs. This should not be in public schools at all. This is the responsibility of the family, and just because you choose to have a particular belief, does not mean that you are not tolerant. By the same right, just because you study varied beliefs doesn't mean that your more tolerant. That being said, in the US, when there was prayer and discipline in the classroom, students were more successful.

Just my opinions.