Sunday, 27 March 2011

VLOG t-shirt review

We were offered a t-shirt from to review. It arrived at our house in a mere two days, beautifully packaged and with the picture presented perfectly on the front of the packet.

We decided that the best way to review a t-shirt would be to video blog a q&a between Rachel and I. It's taken a few weeks but we've got there, learned how and practises a bit. And so today here it is our very first vlog reviewing the highly recommended Bespoke t-shirt printers at

Enjoy the vlog.
See the t-shirt in use.
Give us as many comments as possible to help us learn.

we were not paid any money for this review but are thrilled to be able to use the t-shirt provided as a new nightshirt for Rachel

1 comment:

geekmummy said...

Lovely review. Personally, as I'm sure you'll be able to guess, I love video as a format. I can always imagine Rachel speaking the words when I read her film reviews, so it's nice to actually see her.

The only bit of feedback I have is that the volume of your two voices was a little unbalanced - as you were closer to the mic than she was. So when I turned the volume up to hear Rachel, you were a little loud. You could get over that by using a tripod and positioning yourself further away from the camera - or even have both of you on screen? ;)