Thursday, 10 March 2011

I am becoming a Mumpreneur

I was a professional woman, a business woman and I don't hanker for those days again. But I making some money could be a good idea, and working to BECOME A MUMPRENEUR could just be FUN! So I have seized the bull by the horns, joined the fabulous BaM! community and we are off with a couple of income streams which can fit around my volunteering, ministry and motherhood.

I started the Spinning Careers business in January and have had clients who were happy with the CV services they received. I am hoping that news will spread and this will grow in time.

I have this week signed as a Jamie at Home consultant running parties selling Jamie Oliver products; a perfect role for me since I love chatting to people. The best bit about this so far was the arrival today of my "kit". Rachel and I spent a fun hour looking at all the products, she has already begged me for 3 of the products - namely the kids cooking ones.

And then there's the knitting of broaches - I'm showing those to a craft store tomorrow who are interested in stocking them.

So watch out world, I'm becoming a Mumpreneur, and it's a whole heap of fun!

If you'd like to know more about becoming a mumpreneur in your spare time, around family life, I highly recommend this book:


Antonia Chitty said...

Thanks Emma! Great to have you on board.

Geek Mummy said...

So glad you're enjoying the course, I was hopeful that you'd give it a try as I had a feeling it would be right up your street :)