Monday, 21 March 2011

Raising money for charity

It never occurred to me that Rachel, age 5, would watch Blue Peter and decide that she could raise money to help children in Africa.  I thought it's be another couple of years before she realised what she could achieve for others.

I underestimated her.

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It was all her idea:
"I can bake cakes"
"people can sponsor me to bake lots"
"I can sell the cakes"
"I will make £200"

I was sceptical but positive with responses like:
"absolutely darling, we will see how much you can get, every little bit is brilliant."

And yes of course I helped her, she's only 5!  I helped her choose which cakes to make, helped her buy ingredients and helped her spread the word and get sponsors, liaised with school to arrange the cake bake etc.  But very much I see my role as her cheerleader/assistant.

What impresses me is that she knew she could make a difference and over a four week period made it happen.

We have a lot to learn from our Children's faith that they can make a change for the better!

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