Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rachel reviews Barbie Mariposa

Scarlet Fever stinks but we have got to watch quite a few films. Here is Rachels take on Barbie Mariposa

I like the animal at the start of it best, it's so cute.
The fairies are like fairytale people, good ones and bad ones and I think the bossy girls are the ugly stepsisters.

It is an ok film but not great.
Not for boys.

I like the barbie Mariposa dolls and love the wings you can wear.

Ps - opinions please: I currently wrote what Rachel says in her review. Do you think a videod review would be cool?

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geekmummy said...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to know that I like the video format, and reading Rachel's reviews I can imagine her saying them. I think it would be fun to watch her doing some reviews on video, but obviously only if you're both comfortable with that.