Thursday, 31 March 2011

Is The Gruffalo on Kindle?


The sad answer is that no, unfortunately The Gruffalo is not available on Kindle, or any other e-reader. In fact, as reported here, Julia Donaldson has decided that she would prefer her fantastic books to stay purely in paper form.

I understand many of Julia's views and reasons for vetoing the move to electronic media, but I am disappointed that she can not see the benefit of having the books available electronically. The main benefit of e-children-books for us is that Rachel can read all sorts of books when we're away from home if they're on my Kindle, but if she forgets to bring a book then it's not available to her.

I have to say, I adore the illustrations of all Julia Donaldson's books (by the talented Axel Scheffler), but I love the flow and rhythmn and rhyme even more, and that is not changed whatever format they are read from. I hope one day in the future these books will be available electronically.


MmeLindt said...

It seems a bit strange, to allow audiobooks of her work but not eBooks.

My children loved the Snail and The Whale CD in the car. We had the book as well and it was read at home.

Her books are ones that I would buy twice. I think that they would be better for iPad - with interactive objects.

Emma Major said...

I agree, I have them all in book form but long to be able to take them with me as well. I hope children's authors will see the light