Friday, 29 April 2011

29th April 2011: What a memorable day

We didn't stand on the mall.
We weren't inside Westminster Abbey.
We didn't even get to a street party.

Instead we spent the day with fabulous friends, a TV tuned to the BBC Royal Wedding coverage and a BBQ. Perfect!

We watched the guests arrive and did the obligatory commentary on hats.  We agreed to disagree on trees inside the Abbey. We oohed and aahed at the bridesmaids.  We were enraptured by Prince Williams cool calm on his arrival. 

And then we sat transfixed by the glory and beauty of Kate.

It was partly the dress, partly the flowers; but for me it was mostly her composure. She was radiantly relaxed; obviously feeling comfortable in herself, her decision to marry this love of her life, and completely unphased by the world watching her.

I smiled myself sore; I shed a tear or two; I sung along to the hymns; I felt a part of their day; I felt proud to see this day.

I never expected to feel the awe and wonder I'd felt at Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles; not now I'm on old married woman.  And yet that's exactly how I felt.

The highlights for me:
- Kate entering the Abbey
- Harry's commentary to William
- William's "gorgeous" to Kate
- The pause at the Abbey door
- Duke and Duchess driving in the Aston Martin
- Sharing it all with Rachel and our friends

Tonight; with the memories of the day in my mind, I feel excited for the lives of William and Kate and hopeful about the future of the Royal Family.  

But mostly I feel lucky to have been able to share the joy and wonder with my nearest and dearest.

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Happy day.

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mum in meltdown said...

It truly was great to watch and your right she did look calm and very comfortable even though her life is going to change forever. They do look genuinely in love so best of luck to them both. Sounds like you had a great time watching and celebrating in your own way!