Sunday, 3 April 2011

Best mothers day gifts ever

Today is Mothers Day in the UK, a day when we think about mothers, mothering and motherhood. As a christian it is a religious festival, one where we honour those mother figures in our life and celebrate the mothering skills we all have to share with others. This has been the focus of the morning for Rachel and I.

We celebrate Mothers Day as a family as well. Rachel made me the most beautiful pop up card covered in flowers; Mike made me breakfast in bed and lunch of my choice - lasagne. And I was showered in gifts; a hand painted tile which Rachel thought would look lovely in the flat (the girl has taste); handmade mice, a mum holding a baby in swaddling clothes which Rachel said reminded her of our cuddles; and a me-to-you bear holding a heart saying "I love mummy" which Mike knew I'd love.

So, I hear you ask, what are these best mothers day gifts ever?
They are pure and simple; they are time as a family, and unconditional love; and today I have rejoiced in both.

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