Sunday, 10 April 2011

Praise, picnic and party

That's been our day in a nutshell

Today started with Sunday school and a joyful time making friendship charms whilst thinking of the friendship of Ruth and Naomi. It then continued into the family service where I preached on the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and Rachel rested physically and seemed to engage spiritually. See day 5 of 30 for more.

We got home, spring cleaned the car, to find pre-mentioned friendship charm which had been "dropped" down the back of the seats; and decided that a picnic in the garden would be a fab idea for lunch.

And then we went a huge distance of 16 steps next door to Rachel's friend for his 6th birthday party. Paddling pool, play, party food and parent chat sums that up.

It's been a fabulous day, major love of a day!

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